What do kids know about being entrepreneurs? Turns out their curiosity about the world around them, natural creativity, willingness to take risks, and unbridled enthusiasm add up to the characteristics of our greatest entrepreneurs. But after we close down our neighborhood lemonade stand, outgrow our babysitting empire, and shut down our lawn mowing business, we often lose our entrepreneurial instincts. Programs supported by EHE Atlanta are designed to keep the entrepreneurial flame alive in boys and girls, whose inventiveness and drive can actually teach us something about being entrepreneurs.

From practical hands-on lessons in business development to a vast array of reliable online resources, we support the programs and networks that make entrepreneurs successful and make successful entrepreneurs more successful. The programs we support focus on leveraging best practices in entrepreneurial leadership and teaching. The goal is to foster the environment that allows men and women to pursue their dream of organizing and operating a business venture, creating good jobs and growing the economy.